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About the author: Sharon Kenny is a freelance writer and fulltime Naples resident. She also writes the column “Hungry for SW Florida” for the News-Press of Southwest Florida. Before moving to Naples she worked in public relations and publishing. She regularly frequents all the restaurants in her book and is always looking for more favorites. She has not taken any free meals from the restaurants in the guide and no restaurant has paid to appear. Where Should We Eat? is a completely independent guide.

She is currently working on the 5th edition of Where Should We Eat? which will feature  Naples plus Miami and the Florida Keys!

Please email any restaurant suggestions to: whereshouldweeat@yahoo.com or visit:


Author of "Where Should We Eat? A foodlover's recommended places to eat and drink in the Naples area

Author of “Where Should We Eat? A foodlover’s recommended places to eat and drink in the Naples area”


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