D’Amico’s New Steakhouse

Written by Sharon Kenny Special to news- press.com

In what may be one of the worst-kept secrets ever, itʼs finally been confirmed that the DʼAmico & Partners restaurant group (which owns Campiello, Cafe and Bar Lurcat, DʼAmico & Sons and Masa here in Naples) will be opening a new steakhouse on Third Street South. The new restaurant, called Continental, will move into the space that is currently Handsome Harryʼs.

Though the drawings for the new restaurant were sent back for changes by the Cityʼs Design Review Board last week, Continental appears to be a greener, garden-like setting with a little more privacy for diners sitting in the outside area along the street. In fact dramatic greenscape is something most of DʼAmicoʼs restaurants have in common. The massive banyan trees full of sparkly lights dominate two of the dining rooms at Campiello, and innovative plant walls at Masa are main features inside and outside.

The majority of DʼAmicoʼs restaurants are in Minneapolis, which is where the original Campiello and Masa were located. But so far, it looks like this will be the first DʼAmico & Sons steakhouse. Richard DʼAmico, the founder and CEO of DʼAmico & Partners, led the resurgence of the Third Street South area about 15 years ago when he opened Campiello and his good friend opened Tommy Bahamaʼs across the street. Now the area is booming with great restaurants and stores and is known for its beautiful landscaping. There are surprisingly few true steakhouses in Naples proper, and none in the Third Street South area. The classic steakhouse is an old format but it seems to still work. All of the steakhouse restaurants stay consistently busy.

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