Farm to Table – Eat Local!

The Farm to Table or “eat local” movement is very popular in restaurants around the world, but has been implemented in a very limited way in Naples. Until now. Basically the two movements are exactly as advertised, eating locally grown food, which means less impact on the environment through transporting food over long distances, supporting local farmers (usually organic farmers), and using produce at its peak in season.  More restaurants and stores locally like Food & Thought, Oakes Farm, The Local restaurant, and many others are trying to source their produce locally.

My grandparents were market gardeners in Canada many many years ago and I can remember them speaking bitterly of not being able to sell their fruit and vegetables to local grocery stores because they couldn’t supply all year long. Unfortunately that is still largely the case. However, many consumers are becoming more realistic about seasonal produce and recognize that getting produce at the peak of its quality in season is more important than having tasteless strawberries available all year round for example.



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