Fifth Edition on the way….

I’m hard at work writing the 5th Edition of Where Should We Eat?  — South Florida version.  I’m revisiting all the great places I’ve been to over the past year.  I just hope I can capture the essence of these amazing restaurants and do justice to these small businesses.  Even the smallest restaurant usually has at least a few employees and many of the local places swell to a hundred employees and more during season!

Haha just realized that my new book is the Fifth Edition — remember that band?  “When the moon is in the 7th house…..and Jupiter aligns with Mars…”  Need those planets to align for me to get this book out in time for season!

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  1. Sharon,

    Love the book. Found lots of great places I never knew existed. Please Let me know when the 5th edition is available. Suggest you add a section on cougar/ single bars. Would really up the sales 🙂



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