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Chef Andy Hyde and Owner Romuald GiacomettiLa Bazenne octopusOwner Romuald Giacometti and his wife Amy wanted to “bring something different to town” with the recent opening of their restaurant, La Bazenne, on Fifth Avenue South in Naples. “I want my restaurant to be a neighborhood place, like the ones I would go to around my neighborhood in Paris,” said Romuald recently. “They’re open all day, the owner knows everyone, and you can drop in for something to eat or just a drink and it’s a nice experience.”

Giacometti would know a thing or two about restaurants. He grew up in his father’s restaurant, also called La Bazenne, in Les Ports En Re, a seaside town in the south of France. The son’s restaurant is based on that very successful, decades-old restaurant with many of the same dishes and a very similar style of indoor/outdoor spaces.

Lunch is very casual with French crepes and salads making up the majority of the menu. Galettes, or savory crepes are the real treat at lunch—large thin crepes with fillings like cheese, mushrooms, seafood or meat. At night the menu gets a little more complicated and the price goes up accordingly. Chef Andy Hyde, most recently from La Playa worked in great restaurants in Chicago and LA but grew up in Germany and has worked to create a menu of classic French dishes but with a twist either in flavors or ingredients or preparation.

The menus are online and the restaurant is active on Facebook with cooking classes, special wine pairings, French-speaking tables sponsored by the Alliance Francaise (a good opportunity to practice your French) and a Social Club that started getting members on Kickstarter before the restaurant even opened.


La Bazenne

La Bazenne

Menu Sample

La Caramel Rouge Crepe $8

La Club Galette (savory crepe with salad) $12

White Asparagus with a Coddled Organic Egg and Truffle Hollandaise $12

Octopus with Lemon Verbena Pesto $18

Les St. Jacques – Diver Scallops/Saffron broth/English Peas and Pommes Fondantes and Globe Artichokes $28


La Bazenne

474 Fifth Avenue South

(239) 682-8623

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