In Naples It’s Easy to Buy Local

Oakes Farms calls it the “Seed to Table” movement. Not only do they grow a variety of crops from seed on more than 400 acres in Collier County, they then sell the produce in their Oakes Farms Market on Davis Boulevard in East Naples just before it gets to your table. It’s a great example of the “buy local” movement that encourages eating locally sourced food to ensure fresher, healthier food, and a lesser impact on the environment—fewer huge trucks shipping vegetables back and forth across the country.

Oakes Farms on Davis Boulevard in East Naples is a family-owned grocery store run by the Oakes family. The late Frank Oakes started with a produce stand in East Ft. Myers in 1976 and his son Alfie now manages the two Naples stores – the original Oakes Farms, and the Food & Thought store and restaurant where the products are all strictly organic.

Oakes Farms has been expanding for at least a year now and is about twice as big with more room for an in-house bakery, a fish market, a butcher shop and a deli, in addition to the wide selection of produce.

Oakes Farms has a real country store atmosphere. There’s no bright shiny aisles or harsh lighting. Oakes Farms produce always looks fresher and healthier and prices are often cheaper too. And because they source from their own farms, some produce is available here that you may not find in regular stores that don’t source locally.

Oakes Farms

2205 Davis Boulevard


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