Katy Perry concert notes

Went to see Katy Perry in concert last week at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami.  As always the venue was fantastic.  Got great seats on stubhub.com –almost on the aisle and no one behind us.  It’s so easy to get in and out of this arena –it’s my favorite concert venue.

Only glitch was the show didn’t start until 9:30 and there was about an hour lag time between the opening acts and Katy Perry taking the stage.  Ridiculous.  I know its Miami and things are later but start the whole concert later then.

We didn’t get out until almost 11:30 and even in Miami at that time it’s hard to get food, good food that is.  We ended up with snacks at the bar in the Intercontinental whereas I’d really have liked to have a nice late meal at the many great restaurants within walking distance of the stadium.  Most of the kitchens closed by 11 p.m.

Well when it finally did get going the show was great fun– colorful and lots of innovative costumes and stunts.  Loved it.

Hotels close to AA Arena

B2 Hotel



Marriott Marquis

Hotel Beaux Arts


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