Retail Heaven in Japan

Shopkeeper in her store in the front window of her house

This woman was selling her handmade clay figures out of a shop in the front room of her home.


Typical store window in Kyoto

A typical retail store in Kyoto.

Sign in fasion store window

Sign in a fashion store window.

Pottery store outside Kyoto

Pottery store in Kyoto suburb.

Pottery store 2

Pots for sale in pottery store.

Potter wrapping pot in his store

The potter and shopkeeper beautifully wrapping a sold pot in his store.

Handmade silk items in Kyoto store

This store sold only locally-handmade silk items –everything from small bags to their specialty–tiny silk stuffed silk characters that were strung in themes. They were all perfectly made and charming.

Handmade silk items 2

More items on display in the handmade silk store.

Garden Statuary for sale

Hand-carved garden statuary leaning outside the workshop/store.

Japan is full of cool things to buy.  Everywhere you travel the stores are beautiful to look at and usually specialize in a single thing or a single style.  Outside Tokyo there are more small retail stores set up in homes along the street.  And everywhere in Japan, the packaging is all important.  Even the smallest item is carefully, beautifully wrapped and put in a separate bag.  The wrapping ceremony is very important in the buying process and can’t be rushed!

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