Riverwalk at Tin City – sample review from Where Should We Eat?

Authentic Waterfront Restaurant

Okay yes I know this is Tin City. Yes I know it’s touristy. But it’s good, really good. And this is hands-down the best location on the water if you want to see boats, people, and some wildlife. Be a tourist in your own town for a change. And if you’re a tourist, this is just the place you’ve been looking for.

Owner Vin DePasquale converted the old Doxsee’s Clam Factory into the Tin City shopping area back in the l970s so it’s only natural that he kept the prime location for himself. Every table in Riverwalk, both in the restaurant and especially the bar, has a great waterfront view of the Gordon River and Naples Bay. The old wooden structure of the original clam factory has been preserved. (Which makes it sound too fancy. I think they just didn’t mess with it.)   You almost feel like you’re in the hold of an old wooden ship with plank floors, wood ceilings and loads of nautical artifacts all around. But this was a working waterfront after all, not some fancy yacht club so the ceilings are low, the tables are rocky, and at high tide on a stormy day I’m sure the water just might be lapping onto your shoes!

The food is authentically Gulf Coast – grouper, shrimp, and blue crab all figure prominently in the preparations. But this is not a fried fish joint at all. Yes fish and chips are available (and very good) but the blue crab rolls, wrapped in light phyllo dough with a sweet creamy sherry sauce, or the Florida lobster flat bread with fresh grilled Florida lobster means you’re still eating local seafood, it’s just a lot more interesting (and tasty).

Like DePasquale’s other restaurant, The Dock, a large focus at Riverwalk is local seafood, and there’s always an extensive raw seafood bar and a Sunday brunch. This is also one of the best places to come by boat, though the spots dockside might be limited during popular times. You might want to call ahead and check.

What They Serve

Blue Crab Rolls, seasoned Crabmeat wrapped in phyllo dough served with sherry dressing and Frisée Lettuce

Fish Tacos, fried fish, shredded Cabbage and Chipotle aioli in flour tortillas, served with salsa, Black Beans and rice

Riverwalk Raw Bar Bucket

Three Oysters, three Clams, 1⁄4 lb peel and eat Shrimp, 1⁄4 lb peel and eat Crawfish with Bloody Mary cocktail sauce and Cajun mignonette

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